Bookclub – Free online books – June 2019

1/6/2019 0 Comments 1st & 2nd Grade – Keeper Nakita​ ​​Nakita helps out at a shelter for sick and injured elephants. She makes them well again so that they can be reintroduced into the wild. Today, she found a baby elephant in a hole. How can Nakita help? keeper-nakita-and-her-elephants.pdf File Size: 2571 kb File Type: […]

Bookclub – Free online reading books – May 2019

1/5/2019 0 Comments 1st & 2nd Grade – Captain Ren´s Trip to Mars ​Captain Ren is ready for his first adventure into space, he’s off to Mars. He has important work to do on Mars. What will he do while he is there? Will he meet anything on Mars? Get ready for lift off!  captain-rens-trip-to-mars.pdf […]

Bookclub – Free online books – February 2019

1/3/2019 0 Comments 1st & 2nd Grade – Ranger Forester​ ​In Ranger Forester, we learn about a park ranger who protects the animals and natural environment.Ranger Forester works out in the wild. It is his job to look after the animals and plants. Uh oh…Ranger Forester finds something that doesn’t belong in the forest. What is […]

Bookclub – Free online reading books – March

1/3/2019 0 Comments 1st & 2nd Grade – The best house of all ​Does your little one love building forts, or drawing houses? Or perhaps you want to introduce them to what your job is, as an architect? This book is a perfect picture book for introducing young children to the concept of architecture and […]

Bookclub – Free REading Books – February

1st & 2nd Grade – The Cat in the Ghat ​The story is inspired by the real-life expeditions of National Geographic explorer, photographer and filmmaker Sandesh Kadur in search of the elusive Pogeyan in the Western Ghats. In the beautifully illustrated picture book, Uncle Sandy (Sandesh Kadur) searches for the mysterious cat, and meets many animals, tribesmen, and….will he meet that cat?The book name […]